Wednesday, 28 May 2008

GTA IV Lola Del Rio

If you don’t feel like you wasted enough time chasing non-existent Bigfoot, Leatherface and UFOs all over San Andreas, you have another chance with GTA IV. The new GTA game is out and so are the infamous GTA myths. This time the myth is a lot sexier, it’s hot and suggestive lollipop sucking girl called Lola. Fake screenshots and stories on how to find her already started to appear all over the Internet.

Lola is a prostitute who appears on promotional artwork for the game. In October 2007, her character art was painted on the side of a building in SoHo, New York, advertising the game. She can be found near the docks. After a certain point in the game, you can search the Police Database for Lola Del Rio and it will tell you she was one of the first prostitute to return to Star Junction (Time Square) even after it was called a family zone.

Little is known about her, and no one is certain if she is in the game. She might not even be a prostitute, as it says she came to Liberty City to become a stage performer.
LCPD Database
Surname : Del Rio
First Name : Lola
Age: 22
Place of Birth : San Fierro
Affiliations : N/A
Criminal Record :
2003 - Prostitution

2005 - Public Lewdness

2007 - Prostitution

Notes :
Believed to have moved to Liberty City from San Fierro

to pursue a stage career.

One of the first prostitutes to return to Star Junction

after it was said to be a family friendly zone.

Often seen sucking on a red lollipop.
The red dots are where it was claimed Lola can be found, and the red lines represent her possible routes.


Anonymous said...

I DID see her at the left spot, but I ran over her with my car and can't find her anymore since =.=

Indiegrlx said...

There are a lot of prostitutes who LOOK like Lola, but she's impossible to find if she exists.

Anonymous said...

Just try to hack all images for charachters, cars, maps etc. If she isnt in there she cant be existing.

Anonymous said...

she does NOT exist!!!

Anonymous said...

i can not find her! can anyone help :( if you find her please send me a message on xboxlive "enjoyingstephen". its really anoying!!! lol

Anonymous said...

On the liberty city police website I think it says some thing about alderney city in alderney not sure if its her location ot not just some info

Anonymous said...

I found cops standing at both locations. Perhaps she only appears when the cops aren't there.

Anonymous said...

I saw her. she does exist. she is found next to a group of 3 prostitutes. she is the left dot.

Anonymous said...

i found people who look like her but she does exist in gta iv bcuz all the people on the cover of the game all have somethng to do with the game MSG me 4 more info GT

Anonymous said...

Lola is at the left spot she is right next to the car wash!!!

Anonymous said...

I found her shes next to the car wash at xactly 1200

Willavril said...

what time can you find her exactly

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yep shes there and it has to be her cuz if u look at her hand she has the lollipop and the same outfit. next to car wash at night i saw her around 12:00