Thursday, 21 August 2008

Bully Coming To PC

Looks like PC users will be blessed with another release from Rockstar Games. The poster with Bully Scholarship Edition logo and message in German, "Demnachst fur PC", was spotted in Rockstar Games’ booth at Leipzig Games Convention 2008. In English message says, "Coming soon for PC". It’s been confirmed by one of the Rockstar Games’ representative that the game will be on sale this October. Unfortunately that’s all the information known at this stage.
According to a poster inside Rockstar's booth on the show floor of GC 2008, Bully: Scholarship Edition will indeed be coming to the PC. We asked a company representative there to translate the text on the poster (which was in German, as GC is held in Leipzig) to confirm this was true.

A Rockstar representative went on to say the game should be expected to ship sometime in late October.


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