Sunday, 5 October 2008

Lola Del Rio Look A Likes

Her name is Jessica Chobot, or Hatsumi, if you go by gamer handles. Jessica was born in Buffalo, New York and currently resides in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles, California. She works at as their main video host and as a staff writer. This woman is the Holy Grail, the dream girl of all gamers and otaku. Hell, the dream girl of 90% of the men who walk this planet.
She loves to play videogames, cares about the industry, has opinions on everything, and isn't afraid to share them. She also loves to watch anime, reads manga regularly and takes yearly trips to Japan. Jessica likes to play WoW, Silent Hill and Final Fantasy. She owns all the systems, and she’s absolutely gorgeous!
There’s absolutely no information available about this girl. This photo was published on French GTA fan website, but neither did they know anything about it. Since there were no other sources, it’s reasonable to assume that this girl could be French. That’s about all that known about her. She’s a good looking girl, and there is a resemblance between her and Lola.

Here’s another girl posing as Lola Del Rio. Bob (yes, she's a woman), from Suicide Girls is taking GTA IV's Lola in her own style and seduction. Basically, if you ever fancied a Grand Theft Adult Auto, this is the closest you can get (mainstream at the least).
Bob is Computer Progrmmer, and she’s not a stranger to video games. She has nice implants, 7 body piercings, 6 tattoos ... and, sometimes, blue hair. She likes playing video games, going to movies and hardcore shows. She also likes her local Catholic Church, since she lost her virginity in front of it. Well, she didn’t have to go far to confess her sins afterwards.


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