Saturday, 1 November 2008

Grand Theft Auto Fan-mania

Some people take the whole fan thing to the whole new level. As you can see some individuals decided to express their love and admiration for Rockstar Games and well known Grand Theft Auto series in artistic and quite painful way. It’s hard to understand why someone would go to extremes like putting permanent free advertising, but then fans are known for doing crazy things.

Many of you might already be familiar with the photo above. This guy tried to live the game for real, but forgot that in reality things work a bit differently.
A Canadian man’s apparent fondness for the video game “Grand Theft Auto” has led to his arrest in connection with an auto theft, police said on Wednesday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Shylo Kujawski — who has “Grand Theft Auto” prominently tattooed on his back — was spotted acting suspiciously in a Vancouver suburb where several stolen cars had been reported.

Using the tattoo to identify Kujawski as a convicted auto thief, police said they then set up a stakeout that nabbed him attempting drive away in a stolen car.

During the stakeout Police also watched Kujawski thwart his own attempt to drive away in another stolen vehicle by accidentally disabling the car with the owner’s steering wheel lock.

Kujawski, of no fixed address, has been charged with possession of stolen property in connection with an auto theft, as well as breach of probation and driving while suspended.
Grand Theft Auto fans got bad reputation because of few individuals who blamed video games for their stupid actions. Fortunately, majority of fans simply enjoy the gameplay of a highly successful sandbox style video game series. I’m sure the two guys below are just enthusiastic fans who wanted to show their loyalty to the company, which created so many great games.

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