Thursday, 6 November 2008

GTA IV 100% Key To The City

Looks like Rockstar Games decided to please everyone this Christmas even if with some delays. PC owners will finally get to play GTA IV and console owners are started to get their 100% keys. Majority already forgot about Grand Theft Auto IV 100% Club Contest, so you can imagine the surprise of those who received them. Gamers began to post the photos of their newly arrived keys on many public forums to show everyone the proof of their great achievement.
Be among the first to join Grand Theft Auto IV's 100% Club, a members-only distinguishment for Liberty City's most elite players. The one-week challenge begins with Grand Theft Auto IV's official release on April 29th. Eligible Rockstar Games Social Club members who complete 100% of the game will have their achievement commemorated by being awarded the coveted "key to the city".

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