Thursday, 20 November 2008

Exclusive PC Gamer Review

UK based magazine PC GAMER has reviewed GTA IV and it has received a score of 92% and been awarded their 'Must Buy' badge. The game looks great and the keyboard and mouse combination is effortless to use. Make sure to pick up a copy in your nearest shop.
  • Keyboard and Mouse feels effortless to drive with, there seems no issues with this combo in general (mouse obviously being brilliant to aim with).
  • Wall hugging bugs from console has made it to PC - When up against certain walls or cars you still sometimes can’t always peak around to shoot which causes some frustration to the player.
  • Bizarre decision has been made regarding multiplayer - You need to log into Rockstar’s Social club AND Windows Live to be be able to log into the game online.
  • Game looks amazing with a Dual Core and a 8800 card. It did have some major framerate wobbles, “nothing fatal though” insists the reviewer.

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