Sunday, 30 November 2008

Real Niko Bellic Art

There’s a comparably new artistic style of image manipulation that’s called untooning. In essence untooning is when an artist uses one or several photographs of real people (mostly faces) and manipulates them in a way to give the effect of realism to a cartoonish character.

The most well known artist for such photo manipulations is an artist called pixeloo (Jax Pixeloo). He started to attract more attention after untooning GTA IV’s main character Niko Bellic for the Official Playstation Magazine. The artistic piece received great feedback and a lot of recognition.

Not everyone was amazed by pixeloo’s creation and one Brazilian artist, who also did similar pieces in the past, decided to make even more realistic portrait of an Eastern European war veteran. mataleoneRJ used eight photographs of different people to get the best possible result. The artist added wrinkles, extra details around the eyes and one or two scars to get the true gangster look.

Both artists achieved incredible results, and both pieces look superb.


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