Saturday, 8 November 2008

GTA IV Style Fan Art

Another fan artwork done in GTA IV style but this time it’s from a female fan, Lizzie. Lizzie has many other portraits done in similar style in her deviantART gallery. I really like this piece, but I would enjoy it even more if that was a portrait of a femail.

There’s also Lizzie’s progress step by step.



VanillaBeast said...

THat's pretty awesome. I'd like to do some art work like this too, it looks really nice. What type of program do you use to create art like this, I use GIMP, but I'm new to it. I'd like to see some tuts on this art style.

Ghee said...

this is AMAZING.
I would love to commission the artist to paint my friends and myself.
How would i be able to get in touch with her??

Claude Speed said...

Visit the source link and remember to mention this blog.