Thursday, 11 December 2008

GTA IV PC Reviews Are In

The game is out and reviews are in. This year's biggest and most critically-acclaimed console game is now available on the PC platform - and garnering no shortage of accolades in its new, fully optimized Personal Computer incarnation. Check out what some of the gaming industry's top outlets are saying about the PC version of next addition to the Grand Theft Auto crime family.
"...GTA4 has debuted on the PC. It's a good thing, too, since this is one of the finest titles of the generation thus far... an instant classic, a game unlike any we've played before." - 5/5 (PERFECT SCORE) GAMESPY EDITORS’ CHOICE

"...from the glitz of Liberty City's 'Times Square' to the grime slathered over the industrial areas, Rockstar has produced one of the most authentic, believable settings ever seen in gaming... If you've so far neglected to enter Grand Theft Auto IV's stunning modern metropolis of Liberty City, by all means get this game." - 9.2 “OUTSTANDING” IGN EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARD

"...a genuinely ground-breaking blockbuster in videogame history. There were moments playing GTAIV that I thought back to my initial experiences with games, and realised exactly how far we've come. There's never been anything quite like GTAIV in the world. That there makes me genuinely happy to be a gamer." - 9/10 EUROGAMER


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