Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Chinatown Wars Previews

Several gaming websites had a chance to be the first to try Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, the next installment of GTA for the Nintendo DS. Strong hands-on impressions across the board from the gaming sphere... A selection of quotes below...
"Stay tuned, because this game is going to be a hot one... The city is sprawling, massive and fully explorable... the game will be as in depth and ambitious as any Grand Theft Auto game has ever been." - IGN

"Chinatown Wars is packing an absurd amount of gameplay into the tiny machine... With the vastness of Liberty City contained inside of Chinatown Wars, it already seems a bit bigger than any Nintendo DS game has a right to be... Chinatown Wars feels like a Grand Theft Auto bounty." - Gamespy

"This is GTA, people, and it looks like Rockstar's doing it right... This game has jumped to the top of my most anticipated DS games list." - UGO

"The thought and energy that has gone into creating an experience that's unlike any other DS game is instantly noticeable." - Game Daily

"Chinatown Wars' stylized look immediately grabbed my attention... Simple, memorable, and satisfying in a twsited way... From what I've seen, developer Rockstar Leeds has put big-time effort and thought behind this release." - 1Up

"We've played Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and it's our new favorite game." - Games Radar

"If one of the main aims here was to combine the best elements of various GTA titles, then based on our first in-depth hands-on, Chinatown Wars may just pull it off." - Kikizo
Along with some new screenshots and information Rockstar Games released three new characters artworks.

Source: rockstargames.com/chinatownwars

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