Wednesday, 4 February 2009

GTA Legends III Art Piece

Another year and another astonishing art piece by Patrick Brown. It’s been some time since we saw anything from this skillful Australian, but the wait was worth it. In this artwork we can see every single protagonist from the entire Grand Theft Auto series so far. Even the ones we haven’t played with, yet. Unbelievably it took Patrick only 25 hours of hard work to finish this incredible scene.

- So as you can see Tommy Vercetti (Close left) is acting like he is THE BOSS! Haha that's because he is, he owns The Malibu, remember back when playing Vice City?

- As for Niko (behind Tommy) he's working for Tommy and is asking him if he wants Vic dead for a price (remember, if it pays, Niko does it...) No one should fool around with Tommy's girls.

- CJ (third) is fighting with Claud Speed from GTA III, if you remember back in San Andreas at the end, CJ gets a call from Catalina who had a little thing for CJ. She dumps him over the phone and says she with Claud now...

- BUT Claud trying to tell him how she's a back-stabbing bitch for blasting the crap out of him with a shotgun in GTA III.

- Now Toni (back) is about to beat the crap out of Claud for killing Salvatore Leon back in GTA III...

- Vic is basically just trying to have a good time and stay out of trouble (just like in Vice City Stories) but trouble always finds him.

- Now the two new guys Huang Lee and Johnny Klebitz, I couldn't actually have them doing much because I don't know anything about the games yet... But basically they are trying to get pissed.
Here’s a bit older masterpiece by the same artist. As you can see the styles and color schemes in both are very similar. Both illustrations also fine examples of how magnificent and exiting Vice City is.



CaptainBuggernuts said...

Very nice art man , love vice city!

Anonymous said...

Very nice dude! I really like how you did Tommy the big boss is angry kind of mood! :D