Friday, 1 October 2010

Patrick Brown at it again!

Just some recent, if a couple of years can be considered recent, GTA artworks from famous Patrick Brown. The first two are actually ID pictures Patrick used at his deviantArt profile. As you can see he went with GTA IV's Weazel News theme for both of them. Very original if you ask me.

An interesting fact is that backgrounds for both IDs are actually screenshots from the game (GTA IV and Ballad of Gay Tony), but with some Photoshop magic added to them.

Next on our list is a scene from GTA IV: Ballad of Gay Tony. It took Patrick around 20 hours to finish it and while doing it he learned few new tricks.
Meet Luis 'Fernando' Lopez the bodyguard to the nightclub manager Tony "Gay Tony" Prince who is shitting him self in the passenger seat... This scene is actually exactly the same as in Liberty City, it's just up the road from the "Comedy Club".
The last piece is a tribute to GTA IV. Mr P. admitted that it took a lot of work and time to draw and colour almost 30 characters, but it looks like all that hard work paid off.
After playing through GTA IV again I really just felt like doing something HUGE on it. So I decided to make this "tribute" to the game, something that showed almost all the characters of GTA IV and some of the highlights of missions.


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