Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Greetings From Liberty City

Patrick Brown's internet fame came to him after a series of mind blowing illustrations he did picturing all kind of famous characters from Grand Theft Auto franchise. His art was different, high quality and always humorous.

Since then, Patrick was involved in several other projects, but when time came to make a new Deviant Art (Patrick's home for his art) ID he decided to come back to his GTA roots and came up with another master work.
It's been a while since I've done anything Grand Theft Auto IV related so here's my new profile ID of my trip to Liberty City ... Jacking cabs and getting drunk with Niko.

And yes I have grown a full on beard now ... the times are changing haha! And I've even got my fave RDR shirt on that Rockstar games gave me themselves. All because they enjoyed my "jecking series", they sent me a whole package and that just goes to show how great the company is!

Haha I was originally going to have Niko jacking my car, or have Luis kicking us both out of a club, but I thought I'd settle for a good beer with him instead.



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