Friday, 11 November 2011

Grand Theft Auto IV Finale

It's been a while, but luckily for us Patrick Brown never seize to impress the hell out of people with his Grand Theft Auto masterstrokes. His latest and most likely the last GTA IV fanart entitled 'Grand Theft Auto IV Finale' was Patrick's way saying goodbye to GTA IV. At least for now.
FINALLY! Wow that took forever to do, with work being pretty busy and other work too I found it very hard to have a good drawing session where I could focus on this all at once. But here it is, I'm glad I stuck to it, you know how much I love my GTA IV.

This will most likely be my final GTA IV piece now that GTA V is on it's way I'll be doing a lot of artwork on GTA V in the near future, so you can count on that!

With this piece I wanted it to feel action packed yet moody at the same time, so I thought why not do the old walking away from an explosion scene. Only Niko is too badass so I had him walking "into" an explosion instead.


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