Monday, 2 January 2012

GTA III Android Modding

Very recently, Grand Theft Auto modding community got to discover that the newly ported GTA III for smart phones can be modified on Android devices. Just like the original PC version, GTA III makes use of the same filestructure on the mobile version.

Few mods already available and most of them come straight from the PC version of the game. Players can enhance their graphics display, allow your character to throw really hard punches and replace game models and textures for cars and buildings. You can also edit the elasticity and range of fire (of each weapon) as well as a traffic light. Be sure to see a lot more mods coming soon.

Here's how you can modify your GTA III game on your Android:
Step 1:
Download IMG Tool 2.0. and mod (for example Pegeot 306 Mexican Taxi to replace the Taxi).

Step 2:
Connect your smartphone to your computer. Browse to your internal SD-Card: Computer\GT-I9100\Phone\Android\data\com.rockstar.gta3\files\GTA3\models. Copy oldveh_unc.dir and oldveh_unc.img to the desktop.

Step 3:
Open oldveh_unc.img with IMG Tool 2.0 and replace taxi.dff and taxi.txd.
After this, rebuild the archive with: Commands -> Rebuild Archive.

Step 4:
Exit IMG Tool and copy oldveh_unc.dir and oldveh_unc.img to: Computer\GT-I9100\Phone\Android\data\com.rockstar.gta3\files\GTA3\models.

Step 5:
Copy handling.cfg from: Computer\GT-I9100\Phone\Android\data\com.rockstar.gta3\files\GTA3\data to your desktop.

Step 6:
Open handling.cfg with a Texteditor. Replace the lines in the handling.cfg with the one from the ReadMe file.

Step 7:
Copy handling.cfg to: Computer\GT-I9100\Phone\Android\data\com.rockstar.gta3\files\GTA3\data.

Step 8:
Start GTA III and have fun. If it works. :)
Note: If you have Chainfire 3D installed on your device, you will need to uninstall it so it does not go in conflict when you tweak the game. Be sure to save a backup copy of the original directory so you don't lose anything important.
Always make a backup copies of all your files before modding!
Some iPhone 4S owners reported that they also had some success with modding their game.


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neDKaR said...

Isen't it possible to add DMagic mod in it. That you could add custom wheels to the game?