Tuesday, 4 December 2012

New Flash FM 1989

A group of big Vice City fans with some musical talent wanted to commemorate the last year of the magnificent 80's with the new and fresh radio station for the game. Brand-new best hits, entertaining characters, hilarious commercials and a lot of fun presented to you by regenerated FLASH FM.

Soundtrack cover for the mix put together by FLASH FM! Its 1989, last year before the 90s! Go back to Vice City, see what the best radio out there is broadcasting for you these days.
Let's meet the new voices on your favorite radio station.

The sound engineer...Nothing interesting about him.
He always talks about synths and sound design. BOOOORING!
His life is pretty much about having a big voice and scaring children.
If God exists, he must have created Tina to work here!
She's the ultimate Flashy girl, part-time co-host with Teki, part-time Porn actress. And she's doing great in both!
The definition of coolness. He likes to fish as he always say... I mean, he's got everything to run for the city right?
But his only flaw is that he was NOT born in Vice City...Sorry dude but you stay with us!
All the fans can get the whole crazy FLASH FM crew in a single wallpaper! All you have to do is click on the preview image below to get the full 1920x1080 size.

Click here to download Flash FM 1989 (102MB).

Source: myspace.com/flashfmisturningintothe90s

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